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Green values

Santa Claus Holiday Village is located in the middle of the wonderful nature of Lapland and one of our most important values is to guarantee the beauty of the environment also in the future. We want to be involved in sustainable development against climate change through our own actions and decisions. 

The company’s expansions have been completed by Olavi Pokka Oy, and the expansion projects have received funding from Leverage from the EU -structural fund. This fund supports projects that meet the requirements set out in the following areas: impact on the environment, cooperation and equality. You can find out more about this on the website:



In 2021, Santa Claus Holiday Village has switched to using green electricity produced from renewable energy sources such as water, wind and bioenergy. To reduce electricity consumption, we use timed and motion-sensing lighting solutions. In addition, each apartment has a main power switch to save electricity.

Ecological geothermal heat and green electricity are used to heat the newest Superior cottages in the holiday village. Older cottages use environmentally friendly district heating, as district heating in Rovaniemi is largely produced with zero-emission fuels.

The company's property maintenance and cleaning department uses environmentally friendly electric cars that run with green electricity and reduce the emission load.

We use rental textiles in cottages and suites. In this way, we are able to reduce the burden on the environment and promote circular economy practices. In addition, all the cleaning products are responsibly selected. Rental textiles and cleaning products come from operators who has Quality Management ISO 9001 and Environmental Management ISO 1400 certificates.

In restaurants, as in other companies, waste recycling is an important issue. The company has two recycling points, both of which have an instruction board. Each container is designated to facilitate recycling. This also allows visitors to sort their waste in the area.

We constantly monitor and minimize the amount of loss. In addition, our restaurants use Duni and Fiblon products, among others, which have received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel = Joutsenmerkki (The Swan is official Nordic Ecolabel) for their environmental friendliness.

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As a company, Napapiirin Lahja Oy wants to be promoting the future and well-being by also being involved in charitable activities. The company is one of the founding members of the Bridge Foundation. The purpose of the Bridge Foundation is to promote the fulfillment of the Christmas message and the joy of giving to disadvantaged people. Through the Bridge Foundation, we have donated money to, among others, single elderly people and low-income families with children. In addition to the elderly and families with children, the Bridge Foundation's relief activities are aimed at local young athletes.

Our company is also involved in sponsoring local youth sports clubs, such as the girls football team, as well as other hobbies such as horse riding.