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Already the fifth decade at the Arctic Circle

Santa Claus Holiday Village has been run by the family enterprise Napapiirin Lahja Oy in the Santa Claus Village since 1994.

In addition to the holiday village, the company also runs Christmas House Restaurant & Coffee Bar and the Christmas House Souvenir Shop.

Long history of the family enterprise

The origins of the company Napapiirin Lahjat date back to 1969 when the parents of today's Managing Director Inga Jääskö, Olavi and Hannele Pokka established the reindeer hide dresser to provide souvenirs well sought after by tourists. The company expanded its operations from reindeer skins to include other souvenirs and giftware in 1977, when Souvenirs-Napapiiri Ky opened its doors to the public. Back in those days, being under ten years old, the little girl Inga spent most of her free time with her mother and father at the Arctic Circle.

In 1994, the souvenir shop experienced a change of generation when Inga and her husband Marko Jääskö established today’s Napapiirin Lahja Oy. The company of Hannele and Olavi remained a property company and the new generation started business in premises rented from the previous shopkeepers. 

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Contact information

Napapiirin Lahja Oy
Tähtikuja 2
96930 Napapiiri
+358 40 030 6273